When should I start to take driving lessons?
How many lessons will I, or my child need?
What if I need to cancel my driving lesson or road test?
If I don't have an electric car to practice in at home, how will learning in an electric car be useful?
Do you teach in Salmo, Ymir, Kaslo, Crawford Bay, or any other towns outside of Nelson?
I'm new to Canada and I DO NOT have a Canadian License. Can I still take lessons with IXL?
I forgot my license at home? Can I still have my driving lesson?
Do you teach winter driving lessons?
Can I bring an observer or a dog along? Can I record the driving lesson?
Will my lesson be cancelled if there was a lot of snow overnight and the conditions are suboptimal for driving?
Can I do my driving lessons in my vehicle?
Do you teach in a standard/manual vehicle? 
Do you teach Class 4 (commercial) or Class 8 or 6 (motorcycle) lessons?
How do I know when I'm ready for my road test?
Can I book my road test with IXL?
If I fail my road test, how long do I have to wait before I can take my next test? 
If I have two or more kids getting lessons or the GLP course can I get a discount?
Do you do offer payment plans? 
Can I start the Graduated License Program (GLP Course) before I have my ?
Do you teach seniors? Do you help seniors with their Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA)? 
Do you teach people with anxiety, autism, or other learning challenges?


Listed below are some links to support you with licensing and learning to drive in BC.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) website is the best place to start online.

New Drivers

1. Download ICBC Learn to Drive Smart Manual, and download the ICBC app or view online.


2. Go to Service BC at 310 Ward Street, Nelson, pick up a printed copy of the manual and a

3. For practice go to the >ICBC practice knowledge test. If you need extra practice, go to the Richmond Public Library practice tests.