• "I took a 90-minute refresher session from Glen and I learned more about driving in those 90 minutes than ever before in my life. I was having a learning breakthrough every 5 minutes. Glen can make complex concepts very simple and teaches how to apply them quickly. What I liked most about his teaching style was that even while providing feedback for improvement, he always gives confidence. I felt like I was learning from a close friend who sincerely wants me to do well in the exam. Highly recommended to anyone thinking of taking driving lessons. "

    Khizar Hayat, Castlegar BC
  • "We are so thankful to Glen, Jen and Gwen of IXL driver training. On May 23, 2018 our daughter Payton was driving herself and her mother home. Home is Ridgewood Road, 3 miles out of Nelson on the north shore. Payton had her "L" at the time as was ready to take the test to get her "N" but unfortunately they didn't make it, as a distracted driver hit them head on.
    Once Payton had recovered from her injuries we contacted IXL driver training to see if they would be able to help Payton get back in the driver's seat, as she was obviously terrified to drive again after the accident.
    Thanks to Gwen and Jen for tailoring a course specific to Payton's needs and keeping us up to date as to her progress. In February of 2019 Glen took Payton under his wing and set out on a very tough mission. Thanks to Glen's patience and expertise in April of 2019 Payton took her test and received her "N" !!! Glen was by her side right up to and including the day of her test being the first one to give her a big congratulatory hug for her accomplishment. We can't thank this team enough for what they did for our daughter. "

    Barrie and Joanne Shrieves, Nelson BC
  • "Thanks Glen for providing such great instruction for our kids! They sincerely enjoyed every lesson with you! Thanks to IXL, and the New Drivers Package, all three of our children successfully passed their road tests on the first try, and are safe, confident, happy drivers! One more to go in another year…..see you then!"

    Kim Taylor, Nelson BC
  • "I had a great experience learning how to drive with Glen. I started with absolutely no experience at all at 30 years old. I was a very nervous person to start but Glen made me feel confident. He is a great teacher. Very empathetic and patient! I recommend Glen to anybody who wants to learn or get better at driving. "

    Marjorie Menard, Nelson BC
  • " Glen is an exceptional driving teacher. Every driving experience I had with him was very supportive, and not stressful (which is very important to me…and I would assume to most people, when learning new things).

    He is patient, great at explaining things, and we had a lot of laughs. He is also an intent listener and gives helpful feedback. He gave me confidence every time I drove by having confidence in me.

    I feel very lucky to have had him as a teacher and I would suggest to anyone who is looking for the best instructor, to contact him."

    Jesamyn Vandonselaar, Nelson BC
  • "Glen is an amazing instructor. He understands what each student can handle per lesson. He is always calm, which kept me calm so I was able to grow faster and be more confident in my driving skills. I would recommend Glen (IXL Driving School) to anyone who wants to be a great and confident driver!"

    Scout Patton, Vancouver BC
  • "Glen was an incredible driving instructor. Having never handled a vehicle before, Glen was able to provide an entire "crash-course" on driving. He was patient, kind and very knowledgeable about ICBC and exactly what they look for in a safe driver. There was never any pressure and the lesson was stress free as mistakes were discussed and improved. Highly recommended. "

    Kyle Mitchell, Vancouver BC
  • "Glen is a great driving instructor, I would 100% recommend IXL to anyone looking for driving lessons, I learnt more in one lesson than in 6 months of driving with my parents. Glen never gets frustrated or upset ever, he's always very calm kind and supportive. He plans out the lessons perfectly based on your driving and explains everything very clearly. We love IXL."

    Talia Dukart, Salmo BC
  • "I recently took three lessons to tune up for my driver's test and could not have been more satisfied with the knowledge I gained. Glen's calm manner and insightful instruction helped me gain experience and confidence that not only helped me pass my test but will continue to aid me in my driving career."

    Elaine Weiland, Nelson BC
  • "Glen was a pleasure to learn how to drive with. He teaches great skills on how to practice defensive driving habits and keeps his lesson fun and entertaining. Glen is super passionate about his job and always shows up ready to teach with a smile on his face. I would highly recommend Glen as a driving instructor."

    Taylor Harrison, Nelson BC
  • "Having Glen as a driving instructor took away the stress that came with my exam. He was absolutely wonderful, informative, precise and very through. Highly impressed."

    Margaret Richichi, Nelson BC
  • "I want to thank both Glen and Jen for being an amazing team! Not only did my son say that the lesson was so informative, but Glen was also very comfortable and a nice person to be around. Jen, the administrator was so helpful on the phone. When my son happened to be late for his appointment Glen went out of his way to find him in the school. Thank you and definitely a great experience. We're looking forward to the next lesson."

    Raven and Kuba Velisk, Queens Bay BC
  • "As a driving instructor Glen has a very calm demeanor that puts his student's nerves at ease while learning to drive. He takes notes on each student's progress and in turn that helped me as a parent understand where my daughter's strengths and weaknesses were and where she needed more or less practice with me to sharpen her driving skills and succeed in the IXL program. The IXL team did amazing schedule acrobatics to accommodate my daughter's busy work schedule. Words that describe Glen and the IXL staff Jen and Gwen are professional, motivating, patient, supportive. Thank you."

    Deborah Spitler, Nelson BC